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World Hearin Awareness Week March 3-10th
This year No Silent Breakfast, No Silent Leadership challange. This year we will be heard!  Join Us on March 7th from 12:30 at Midland park, Wellington as we March to Parliment.  Hearing Loss is the least accessible of all the disabilites.  We cannot afford to be silent any longer.


Why the white cat?

White cats often have hearing loss in about the same ratio as people. Occasionally they are profoundly deaf-just like people.  They don't know that they do not hear everything and unless you actually test them, you don't know that they have a hearing loss either- just like people.  They have developed wonderful coping skills.  They also know they are purrfect (sorry we could not resist) just the way they are- just like people.  

Hearing loss is a hidden handicap.  We want to make it visable.  March 3rd is World hearing awareness day.   Wear a white pin in support and help us spread the word.

Hearing health in Antenatal classes

  My ears are sensitive and I am going to need them my whole life.  50% of all hearing losses are preventable if you start by keeping me safe. Hearing loss is not due to age but rather years of damage.  Protecting my ears now will enable to hear my grandchildren.  

    My parents attended the Hearing Health Classs at the Parent Centre to learn that illness, medication, allergies, as well as noise can damage my hearing.

The Class is under production to be offered on line and we expect it to be available at the end of October.  If you would like to sponsor a class for a parent, please click the donate button.

Our Mission

Education in schools


Hearing NZ member associations provide an evidence based educational program teach children about sound and how we need to protect our hearing.  

This hands on program features experiments that demonstrate each principal.  If you would like to find out more contact us below or if you would like to sponsor a class please donate below. Please let us know what region you would like to support.

Founded in 1932, Hearing New Zealand has been working hard with the help of our members and volunteers to improve the lives of our people with hearing impairment though supporting the individual, advocacy, education and research.

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