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Our Projects

We have a number of ongoing projects related to support, education and research.


Many of our projects are around supporting those with hearing loss. This includes advice, assistance and also a project where we help those on lower incomes to access free hearings aids through repurposing hearing aids that are no longer needed.

Hearing Aid


We are incredibly passionate about educating youth about keeping their hearing safe and preventing noise-induced hearing loss.


Hearing health starts from day 1.  With Parents Centre, We start with new parents run the Dangerous Decibels programme in schools across the country, which teaches children about making listening safe in a fun and engaging way. We also attend music festivals, giving away free earplugs, and informing youth about how to look after their hearing.

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten


Where funding permits, we support research projects related to prevention of hearing loss. Currently, we are helping fund a research project being undertaken by the University of Auckland which assesses the effectiveness of the Dangerous Decibels programme in teaching young people about keeping their hearing safe.

Legal Research and Writing
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