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Hearing, homelessness, and being heard

March, 3 2021

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An interview with Grant Searchfield - New Zealand's tinnitus expert

August 6, 2020

Hearing New Zealand President to step down in September

July 30, 2020

Tony Rush - Hearing New Zealand Presiden

Impact of Branch/Store Closures on

Hearing Deprived and Deaf Customers

July 14, 2020

Hearing Aids And Face Masks Need Extra Care

7 April, 2020

Guest speaker Dr. David Welch talking to

‘Make listening safe’ message delivered to Auckland Silent Breakfast attendees

8 March, 2020

Dangerous Decibels: protecting hearing in wired kids

1 March, 2020


Charity Seeks To Tackle NZ’s Noise Induced Hearing Loss Problem Through Education

15 February, 2020

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