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Hearing protection designed for our smallest ears.  These brightly coloured earmuffs protect delicate ears in style.

Banz Baby under 2 Carewear Patterns

  • Banz Mini Earmuffs meet the following international standards:

    AS/NZS 1270:2002 – the Australian and New Zealand safety standard for earmuffs

    ANSI S3.19 – S3.19 is the standard introduced by the ANSI to regulate hearing protection devices.

    EN352-1: 1993 – This is the European Standard for hearing protection and hearing protectors.

    Weight: 142 grams
    Single Noise Ratio (SNR): 26 dB (decibels)
    Noise Reduction Rating (NRR): 31 dB
    Mean Attenuation @ 500 Hz (hertz): 25.7dB
    Mean Attentuation @ 1000Hz: 35.2dB

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