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About Hearing New Zealand

The Hearing New Zealand (also known as The Hearing Association New Zealand) exists to help people with any type of hearing problem. We are a volunteer organisation and receive no government funding. We began as the League for the Hard of Hearing in 1932. We changed our name to The Hearing Association in 1976. We have 23 local associations spread throughout New Zealand. Each local association is a separate incorporated society, with members selecting the officers. This enables us to operate at low cost.


What we do
Local associations offer one-to-one support for local people with hearing problems, members and non-members alike, both socially and in the workplace. Some of our Member Associations offer free hearing tests in conjunction with LIFE Unlimited.  A number of LIFE’s trained hearing therapists work from our branch premises.

The Hearing Association does not fit hearing aids, as this needs to be done by qualified professionals. But we do provide a full range of other assistive devices. We also run public education about preventing hearing loss.


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We encourage all people with a hearing loss to join their local Hearing Association. Many people refer to the hearing loss as the ‘invisible disability’. It is estimated that 700,000 people in New Zealand have hearing problems in one form or another. So if they all joined we would have a huge membership. And there’s power in numbers!