Hearing Nelson

Hearing Nelson is a non profit organisation that provides advice, support and education for anyone in the Nelson/Tasman region. We are open Monday to Thursday 9am to 3pm and are available to anyone who needs our help. Our education coordinator Gill Slater goes out into the community to talk to all age groups about hearing loss and how to prevent hearing loss. We have outreach clinics in the community and go into 12 Resthomes to care for those who can’t get in to see us. We have a very successful NZSL in schools programme run by Cathy Gutschlag, Cathy goes into schools and kindergartens and teaches New Zealand sign language to the children.


Get in touch

  • Location:
    354 Trafalgar Square, Nelson, 7010
  • Postal address:
    354 Trafalgar Square, Nelson, 7010
  • Phone:
    03 548 3270
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
  • Office hours:
    Monday – Thursday 9am-3pm (closed for Lunch 12-12.30pm)
  • Getting here:
    Located in Hearing House
  • Personnel:
    Sharon Webber - Office Manager

    Sarah Brown - Office Administrator and Clinic Coordinator

General Services

Hearing Nelson provides a wide range of services, from free advice to hearing aid maintenance and everything in-between.
If you need free advice or assistance, make us your first port of call for all your hearing inquiries.        

We offer five community outreach clinics. Appointments are necessary - Phone 03 548 3270 to book. The clinic fieldworker will clean and dry your hearing aids, carry out minor repairs and sell discounted batteries.

  • Summerset/Stoke Clinic Second Wednesday of every month at Summerset Retirement Village, 16 Sargesson Street, Stoke from 10.30am to 12.15pm for Village Residents and from 1pm to 2pm for Stoke Residents.
  • Motueka Clinic Second Monday of every second month at Motueka Community Centre, Courtney Street, Motueka from 10.30am to 3.15pm.
  • Ernest Rutherford Clinic Third Wednesday morning of every second month at Ernest Rutherford, Stoke, for residents only.
  • Oakwoods/Richmond Clinic First Wednesday afternoon of every second month from 12.45pm to 3.45pm at Oakwoods Retirement Village, Richmond.
  • Takaka Clinic Third Thursday of each secondmonth at Golden Bay Community Health, 10 Central Takaka Road from 12 - 3pm

The date and times of all clinics is subject to change, please confirm when making appointments.


The Margaret Franklin Rest Home Service offers monthly visits by one of our Fieldworkers to your Rest Home.
The Fieldworker will visit clients that have been prioritised by Rest Home staff as needing help with their hearing aids.
Hearing aids will be cleaned and checked and ears checked for wax build up.
Contact us to find out more about this valuable service for your Rest Home.

Annual Training Sessions for Rest Home Staff cover aspects of:

  • Understanding hearing loss.
  • Hearing aid fitting.
  • Cleaning and maintenance.
  • Basic checks.

An annual subscription of $25 entitles members to:


  • Free cleaning and drying of hearing aids with our Ultravac machine.
  • Discounts on hearing aid batteries, products and repairs.
  • Free home trials of telephones and headphones.
  • Financial help with the purchase of hearing aids and equipment (subject to approval).
  • A quarterly newsletter delivered to their door.

Contact us to subscribe
Thank you for your subscription. Hearing Nelson does not receive any government funding and we rely on subscriptions to continue to operate within our community.

Hearing Awareness means different things to different people, including treatment, prevention and communication.
Hearing Nelson provides services and can advise on a number of hearing awareness strategies.

  • Do you work with children? Borrow a traffic light.
  • Do you think you may have a hearing loss? Contact us to find out more about hearing tests!
  • Do you work with the public? Learn communication strategies.
  • Do you listen to loud music? Get hearing protection.
  • Your hearing is precious.  Look after it as once it is damaged it cannot be repaired.  Being young won’t protect you!
    If you have to raise your voice to speak to someone next to you, the noise around you is dangerous.

    Words of Wisdom
  • The Hearing Association of New Zealand is passionate about helping those with hearing impairments to experience life to the fullest.  If you need our support or are interested in supporting the work that we do, we would love to hear from you.

    Tony Rush