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White Kitten

Hearing Association Christchurch

Hearing Association Christchurch provides support, independent advice and information on all hearing related concerns.


We have a range of equipment designed to help the hearing impaired better manage their daily lives with the hearing they have. We offer free appointments to trial equipment before purchasing.


Membership entitles you to our free hearing aid cleaning service and discounts apply on purchase of all equipment, hearing aid batteries and accessories.


We are raising awareness of hearing loss by making it visable.  We use the white cat as a symbol of hearing loss because they too have hearing loss.  Well not all of them but unless you test a white cat, you don't know.  Much like humans.  Did you know that you can test your own hearing?  The World health organization has a free App- HearWHO. Just go to your app store and search.  

White cats also know they are purrfect- just the way they are.

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