Before you buy your hearing aids online, here are some things you should know.

The Internet offers many advantages for consumers looking for information and products. Online purchasing is convenient and private, and in some cases may offer cost savings for individuals.

One advantage of buying online is that all the terms and conditions of sale are usually detailed on the website and can be studied at your leisure. Quite often in face-to-face sales it is difficult to remember what was said and differences in understanding can arise. Some online sales also come with the chance to return the product for a refund should it prove to be unsuitable.

However, before you buy devices such as hearing aids online, here are some things you should know:

  • Be sure you actually need these devices by having a thorough hearing test performed by an Audiologist or Hearing Therapist. It is also a good idea to have your ears checked for excessive wax build up which can decrease your level of hearing.
  •  A hearing aid is a complex medical device, not a simple sound amplifier. Do some research into the product – Has the product been defined as a hearing aid – does it come with Ministry of Health or FDA approval and does it have a Certificate of Compliance.
  • On-line Hearing aid reviews can provide a lot of useful information about the product, including quality, service and warranties. Buying a hearing aid online can allow the browser to search through many products for the technology and features that he or she is most concerned with.
  • Some online providers can offer hearing aids that are programmed to suit your hearing loss. You send them a copy of the results (audiogram) of a recent hearing test conducted by a professional. They then consult with you on the hearing aids that will work with your type and level of hearing loss. Once you place an order, they will program the hearing aids to your hearing loss and send them to you. Tauranga Hearing Association in conjunction with NewSound NZ can offer this service for NewSound Hearing Aids.
  • Like any industry, there are reputable and non-reputable providers. Reputable providers sell hearing aids direct from the factory with full factory-supported warranties, whether they sell online or at a local, walk-in store.

SOURCE: Tauranga/Bay of Plenty Hearing Association