Hearing New Zealand Taranaki

The Taranaki Hearing Association is our newest association, offering free, friendly, helpful, professional and independent advice on hearing issues.  We work to:

  • Offer support to those suffering a hearing loss
  • Raise the profile of hearing issues with the general public
  • Give talks to community and occupational groups
  • Advocate for the need to protect hearing loss in the workplace and at home
  • Provide school education programs

Contact Catherine today to discuss your needs.

Catherine Jowsey moved to New Plymouth  from Dunedin in July 2016.. She worked for the Dunedin Hearing Association for three years and in that time set up a Rest Homes program and delivered Dangerous Decibels to primary schools. She also ran a support group for those with hearing impairment and taught Lip Reading classes.

Catherine has hearing  loss herself and knows what it’s like to struggle in groups and to get the hearing aid balance right for all her life situations. She has found that just talking about your situation is incredibly helpful and supportive, something she lacked when first needing aids.

If you would like to be part of a hearing support network, please contact her.

Get in touch

  • Postal address:
    155 Frankley Road, Frankleigh Park, New Plymouth
  • Phone:
    06 753 0908
  • E-mail:
  • Personnel:
    Services Manager - Catherine Jowsey
  • Your hearing is precious.  Look after it as once it is damaged it cannot be repaired.  Being young won’t protect you!
    If you have to raise your voice to speak to someone next to you, the noise around you is dangerous.

    Words of Wisdom
  • The Hearing Association of New Zealand is passionate about helping those with hearing impairments to experience life to the fullest.  If you need our support or are interested in supporting the work that we do, we would love to hear from you.

    Tony Rush