Hearing New Zealand Christchurch

Hearing Support Christchurch provides support, independent advice and information on all hearing related concerns.

We have a range of equipment designed to help the hearing impaired better manage their daily lives with the hearing they have. We offer free appointments to trial equipment before purchasing.

Membership entitles you to our free hearing aid cleaning service and discounts apply on purchase of all equipment, hearing aid batteries and accessories.

We provide community education and workshops on various hearing issues and our field worker is available for hearing aid maintenance clinics at local rest homes.

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Get in touch

  • Location:
    30 Lincoln Road, Spreydon, Christchurch 8024
  • Postal address:
    PO Box 6460 Christchurch
  • Phone:
    03 3350553
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
  • Office hours:
    Tuesday~Friday: 9am~12pm
  • Personnel:

    President – Lesley McKone

    Manager – Pauline Marshall

    Services Coordinator – Julie Tilson

    Field Worker – Beverley Peterson

Services We Offer




Rest Home Programme


FREE information & brochures

Sales of hearing aid accessories & assistive equipment (ALDs) designed for the hearing impaired

ALDs can be trialled by appointment and loaned short-term

Appointments are FREE!


§  Amplified corded & cordless telephones

§  Speakerphones

§  In-line amplifiers

§  Flasher ringers

§  Captel (captioned telephone)

TV devices

§  Wireless headphones

§  Loop systems

Alerting devices

§  Smoke alarms

§  Vibrating clocks

§  Doorbell & telephone flasher/ringers

Personal Listeners

§  Perfect for people that can't physically manage or afford hearing aids


§  Party goers & music safe

§  Snoring

§  Earplanes (help with pain during  plane take off/landing)

Hearing aid accessories

§  Batteries

§  Wax guards

§  Cleaning equipment

§  Tubing

Hearing Loss Signs

§  Badges

§  Desk sign

§  Hospital signs

§  Wallet cards 


Annual subscription of $25 entitles members to:

§  Free hearing aid cleaning

§  Quarterly newsletter

§  Discount on all products

§  Email updates on hearing issues

§  Additional Supergold discount is also available


 Community Talks

§ Hearing loss & Communication skills

§ Our services

§ In-service training on hearing aid care

§ Hearing loss prevention

§ Assistive Equipment available


§ Tinnitus

§ Communication Skills

Safe Sound Indicator Programme

Traffic Light Noise indicators supplied to Early Learning Centres to educate children and teachers about noise induced hearing loss and hearing protection





Our Field Worker assists Rest Home residents with cleaning their hearing aids, changing batteries, wax guards & tubing

  • Your hearing is precious.  Look after it as once it is damaged it cannot be repaired.  Being young won’t protect you!
    If you have to raise your voice to speak to someone next to you, the noise around you is dangerous.

    Words of Wisdom
  • The Hearing Association of New Zealand is passionate about helping those with hearing impairments to experience life to the fullest.  If you need our support or are interested in supporting the work that we do, we would love to hear from you.

    Tony Rush